Starting The Blog / First Post!

Hello, hello.

This is the first post, yay! I’m so excited to start writing here and get this all set up.

Let’s talk about the blog.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog. When I was about 8 years old my brother and I had one with our only readers being our aunt and grandmother, but we kept it up for a little while. Often I’ve read blogs on lifestyle and fashion and thought about making my own but never really attempted or had the motivation to actually start, until a couple days ago. I was looking around to see if there were any blogs or stories from people who were homeschooling through high school to see how they did things. Mostly everything I found was from the parents point of view and all about curriculum with nothing about life, then sparked the idea to write about what it’s really like to be homeschooled through high school.

Getting the blog set up.

I was pretty impatient about getting it set up so I got to work quickly. First looking through blogs for inspiration and talking to my friend about getting her blog set up and writing. Then I made a list of topics I will probably cover here and some blog post ideas and then set up the website!

The name challenge.

I am terrible at naming things. I like to think I’m good at it, but let’s be honest, I can’t name a thing. I searched through Pinterest for lists of cool words, looked up words that start with P for alliteration, but nothing jumped out at me. Then P.S It’s Peri just kind of popped into my mind and it stuck. After making sure it didn’t mean anything I really didn’t want it to imply I decided to go with it!

Choosing a theme and colour palette.

This was actually the easiest part because I had a good picture in my mind that the blog would be fairly photography heavy to encourage me to take more pictures and for somewhere to post some of my favourites. Then the colour palettes came premade with this blog theme and one of them was pretty similar to the colours in my Instagram feed so I figured that was the best choice.

What I hope to accomplish with the blog.

This is to show others who are going to or are currently homeschooling through high school what it’s like from my perspective, with all honesty because it’s not always sunshine and unicorns. And to share with the world my life not doing things the common way.

Here begins my journey as a writer and the start to a new adventure!

Β P.S. It’s Peri


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