Teenage Bucket List

This sounds like it should be the name of a coming of age movie.

Sometimes with being homeschooled I have felt like I’m missing out on being a kid because I’m not in school like lots of other kids my age, and I’m at home a lot of the day like a retired person. That’s not a bad thing at all and I like to think it makes me a little more mature, even though it probably doesn’t haha. A little while ago I made this list of things that felt like a teenager should do or that I didn’t want to miss out on, mostly it’s just things on my bucket list that I want to do as teenager.


The Teenage Bucket List

  1. Climb a tree because I haven’t done this yet?!
  2. Go to a concert. Did this, but more would be fun or a festival.
  3. Stay up all night. I’ve done this, too!
  4. Watch the sunrise?? I’ve done this, not quite sure why I had this 0n the teenage list, though.
  5. Go to a sleepover. Did this!
  6. Dye hair crazy colours. Did this, too!
  7. Start a business. Working on it.
  8. Learn to drive. I’ve read a little bit of the book, that’s probably good enough, right?
  9. And get drivers license. Because what’s the point of learning if I don’t get a license?
  10. Go to a school dance. My homeschool group doesn’t have a lot of high school aged kids so I can’t really set one up, but I’ve always wanted to go to one. Ok, to be honest, I just want to dress up.
  11. Go on a road trip. Or just travel. Done a little bit of this.
  12. Get a job.
  13. “Graduate” homeschooling. Getting there.
  14. Go to a pool party. I’ve done this already, too!
  15. Meet some of my online friends. I’ve met one and there’s plenty more to go.
  16. Go to one of the Great Lakes beaches.
  17. Have a Tumblr photo shoot.
  18. Do a colour run. I’ve done this a few years ago!
  19. Learn to skate. Sort of did this, I stood up and moved a little bit on skates.
  20. Learn to ski.
  21. Play tennis.
  22. Learn an instrument. I’m not sure what one I want to do, I’m also not very motivated to do this.
  23. Make a blog. Here it is!
  24. Take ballroom dance lessons. I need a partner.
  25. Make a giant collage in my room. I had one then took it down after it had been up for about a year.


What would be on your Teenage Bucket List?


P.S It’s Peri

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14 thoughts on “Teenage Bucket List

  1. I second the statement made above!! 😉 My senior year in high school, my boyfriend at the time (4 years older than me) was too old to go to prom, so we got dressed up and went to dinner with some friends, then went back home and watched a movie. Maybe you can do something similar. Proms are overrated anyways….

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  2. I think that you should learn to play the Ukulele! It’s so much fun and I only know 4 chords! I would love to take ballroom dancing! I really should know how to do that. Everyone should! For my homeschool formal, the theme is 1950s Hollywood Glamour, and I’m very excited to dress up!
    Here’s a list of all the instruments that you could try!
    1. Ukulele
    2. Flute
    3. Drums
    4. Violin
    5. Harmonica
    6. Guitar
    7. Banjo (so much fun!)
    8. Fife
    9. Mandolin
    10. Lap harp
    11. Electric Bass
    12. Didgeridoo
    13. Steel drums
    14. Xylophone
    It may be helpful if you go to your local music store and try all the instruments they have. They’re usually happy to help you pick one!

    P.S. I would suggest reading, like, every single word in your diver’s manual, as my test asked very specific and sometimes trick questions, at least in my state!

    – Megan Joy

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    1. Ahh thank you so much, that list is helpful!! I’ll have to check some instruments out 😊

      1950’s glamour sounds like so much fun! That seems like the best theme for a dance.

      Yes!! I’ve read a few chapters and it’s so informative, I have to be really focused when reading it since I really don’t want to miss anything.

      Thank you again!! 😊

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  3. Don’t forget piano! Piano is fun. 😛
    I need to do this. I guess something that will be on my soon-to-be-teenage-homeschool-bucket-list is publish a book (because I set big goals) and pull an all-nighter (because I need an easy goal to make me feel good about not completing the big goals).

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    1. True! I’ve played the keyboard a little so I know one note on the piano, that probably counts as enough 😂😂 Big goals are great and that’s a very good one! I felt like mine weren’t too big because I wanted to feel good like you said lol

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